How do you choose your perfect wedding shoes?

You’ve chosen your perfect wedding suit, and now it’s time to choose the unique shoes to complete your entire look. The style, color and comfort of your wedding shoes play a crucial role on your big day. In this blog we give you useful tips for choosing the right wedding shoes that match your wedding suit perfectly.

Match your style to your wedding suit
Your wedding suit is the center of attention, so it is essential that your shoes harmonize with the style of your wedding suit.

You will be walking around and standing in your shoes all day long, so it is crucial that your shoes provide comfort. Choose the right fit and size, the shoes should not pinch or be too loose. You want to shine all day long without painful feet.

This is your day, a day you will never forget. So dare to wear an unforgettable shoe. A unique shoe that suits you and your wedding suit. Take a look out our shoe collection to find your perfect shoes!


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