Paulo Bellini: Craftmanship since 2013

Meet Peter Holtkamp (left in picture), the man and designer behind Paulo Bellini. Craftmanship and high-quality materials that is what Paulo Bellinni stands for. The founder of the brand, Peter Holtkamp, works with upmost passion on Paulo Bellini that is currently being introduced to the whole European market.

The brand Paulo Bellini stands for men’s shoes with excellent quality that are fashionable. Peter Holtkamp started the line in 2003 from his shoe store in Losser. With his 30 years of experience in footwear, he stands at the forefront of quality, comfort and fashion. These values translate into the brand, Paulo Bellini.

Peter designs everything himself, where he once started with just bridal shoes he now has a shoe for every occasion. Peter started Paulo Bellini and built the brand with great tenacity and consistency. It took him several years to perfect it but he wanted to be sure the introduction to the market was effortless. He had the belief to deliver the quality he envisioned and grant the right fit to the customer. Currently, he is working with 5 agents in several countries. 

Peter spends the whole year researching the best leather, lasts and inspiration.  The general public is becoming more aware regarding health and comfort, which is beneficial to society but has a direct effect on footwear. Peter is an advocate for diverse choices in shoes. The challenge to be beneficial regarding societal trends and to deliver an excellent and fashionable shoe is what drives Peter. In this regard is Peter a true perfectionist. Whether it is materials, the fit or the relationships with the people he works with Peter treats it with the same energy. Peter sources his leather from Italy, manufactures his lasts and the shoes in Portugal. 

Peter promises the intensive process makes it worthwhile. Because Paulo Bellini commits to its promise: an excellent constructed fashionable shoe for men that does not break the bank. Paulo Bellini is currently being sold in clothing and footwear stores in The Netherlands. Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France. And of course, is his collection available at his store and online store, Peter Holtkamp in Losser.

 The Perfect Fit

Paulo Bellini has its own shoe lasts. Founder and designer Peter Holtkamp has a simple statement regarding fit: “Men want a shoe they immediately fall for and fit perfectly, Paulo Bellini serves these needs with its unique fit”. 

Paulo Bellini builds its shoe lasts in a large variety of different width sizes.

High-Quality Materials

Paulo Bellini only uses the best leather. Peter travels every year to Unaepelle in Milan. This fair brings together the best leather suppliers from all over the world. Through his agents in Portugal, he has the ability to purchase the leather from Italian factories. 

Uniquely removable insoles

Increasingly more people – especially young men – are using a removable therapeutic insole. Estimates are that around 10% of men are using these soles. Therapeutic soles are a suitable solution for people with foot problems but are a nuisance for aficionados for fashionable shoes. Fortunately, the majority of Paulo Bellini’s collection are shoes with removable insoles. 

If you are not a user of therapeutic soles, there are certainly benefits for you because the soles are unique. The removable soles are made of leather and cork and at the front a special membrane that wicks away perspiration. In other words; Paulo Bellini smells ever fresh. 

Handmade in Portugal

All models of Paulo Bellinni are designed in The Netherlands and manufactured in Portugal. Peter works together with three Portuguese factories and travels frequently to visit them. They are small-scale companies that allow us to stand close to the manufacturing process. Most importantly the people that work at these companies are true craftsman that know the ins and outs of making shoes.

Matching Belts

To truly finish your outfit after purchasing a pair of Paulo Bellini’s is with a matching belt. Every Paulo Bellini shoe has a matching belt. The regular belts are 1.25 meter however length modifications are always possible on request.


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